Little Aggie is where all the dreamers and sentimental folk stop by to turn precious memories into unique pieces of art, illustrated by me, Roxie.

I fall into both of those categories; a dreamer and sentimental.
Little Aggie was actually my nickname as a child as it was often a joke by family that I was 'just like your grandmother' (Agnes), hence Little Aggie.
Sadly, I spend my days cherishing her memory and miss her so much my heart aches. This here is just a small token to honour a woman I love so deeply and I've no doubt she'd be proud that this 'wee lass' used her name.

I pour my heart and soul into every portrait I create and can guarantee you that I still genuinely get nervous when I send out my portraits and await the feedback. Each one is like handing my heart over and I hope I never lose that joy.

This little business of mine is where my dreams lie and your support is *so* appreciated. Thanks for stopping by!